Libraries Face Off Against Publishers and the European Union at WIPO

“It is disturbing to learn that African governments support copyright exceptions”, said author Elinor Sisulu, in a pamphlet distributed by the International Authors' Forum to delegates at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva this week. At a side event organized by IFFRO (the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations) on Tuesday, Katie Webb, Administrator of the Forum, painted a dire picture of authors living below the poverty line and laid the blame squarely upon the copyright exceptions used by libraries and educational institutions. Canada was singled out for particular criticism for having broadened educational exceptions in 2012, leading to a reduction in royalties paid to a monopoly collecting society.

EFF Back at WIPO

The preceding evening, the British and Australian delegations, sparing no expense, had chauffeured delegates to a cocktail dinner and private screening of an independent film, The Railway Man. As delegates wiped away tears during clo...

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