Youth Free Expression Film Contest: That’s Not Funny!


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The theme for the 12th Annual Youth Free Expression Film Contest is "THAT'S NOT FUNNY! CAN COMEDY CROSS A LINE?

The National Coalition Against Censorship asks teens to create a short film (no longer than four minutes in length) addressing the notions of sanitized satire and offensive humor. Can any topic be made the subject of a joke, or should society police humor that some find distasteful or offensive? How does uncensored comedy survive when faced with claims of offense or even threats of violence? 

In January, the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris brought global attention to issues of free speech and expression. While many people declared “Je Suis Charlie” immediately following the massacre, there has been a lively debate in and out of the free speech community over the defense and celebration of a satirical magazine that many believe to be controversial at best– and hate speech at worst.

The incident inspired heated debate over the role of comedy and satire, and has led many to ask if limits can or should be placed on comic speech if someone, somewhere, could interpret a joke as politically incorrect, offensive or hateful. 

NCAC asks young filmmakers to be creative and thoughtful, and to read the contest rules and FAQ before beginning your project. You can also check out previous years' winners below. 

Submit your video no later than Monday, December 14, 2015. Winners will be announced in February 2016. Cash prizes up to $1,000!

NCAC's Youth Free Expression Program Film Contest is made possible by generous support from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and the New York Film Academy.



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