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Art, Free Expression and the Law, a project of the National Coalition Against Censorship, provides information to answer some of the questions artists, teachers, students, and reporters frequently ask us.

Here you can research topics of art law, read summaries of defining cases in art law, and find full texts of the court opinion. The glossary defines some of the specialized terms used in the text.

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These materials are not intended, and should not be used, as legal advice. They necessarily contain generalizations that are not applicable in all jurisdictions or circumstances. Moreover, court decisions may be superseded by subsequent rulings, and may be subject to alternative interpretations.

Corrections, clarification, and additions are welcome. Please send to Many thanks to law students Maren Cardillo, Anna Wagner, and Courtney Noble who volunteered their time to work on this project, and, most of all, to Peter Brooks, Esq. who tirelessly organized, supervised, revised, and revised again.