Michael Bamberger

Michael Bamberger has a broad background in constitutional law, intellectual property and media law (both from the counseling/transactional and litigation perspective), corporate and securities law and business law.

Bamberger is one of the leading First Amendment lawyers in the US.  He has appeared in over 100 First Amendment cases, before the US Supreme Court, nine federal courts of appeals, the New York Court of Appeals, federal and state trial courts, and the state supreme courts of Arkansas, Georgia, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia and Tennessee.  He has challenged unconstitutional laws and governmental actions restricting the display, distribution and sale of books, periodicals, videos and online materials. His best known case is Hudnut v. American Booksellers, in which the federal district court in Indianapolis, the Seventh Circuit and the Supreme Court all struck down the MacKinnon/Dworkin “civil rights” anti-pornography law. An accomplished writer, Bamberger has published numerous articles on a wide scope of First Amendment issues.

Bamberger also has represented publishers defending actions for defamation, has counseled publishers and other media clients in their review of potentially defamatory and infringing material, and has published in the field.