NCAC’s Youth Free Expression Program and Kids’ Right to Read Project database of K-12 student censorship incidents includes book challenges in schools and libraries, as well as censorship of student art, journalism, and other types of student expression in schools.

Using the Map: The map can be filtered by Reason (the reason given for attempting to challenge the expression), Type (what sort of expression was challenged), Year (since 2018), Institution (the type of school or library), Challenger (who initiated the challenge), and State (location of challenge). Each datapoint includes additional information and links to incident reports. Data will be updated regularly. Report a censorship incident here.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this data is not comprehensive. The data is drawn from reports to NCAC and its partner organizations, as well as from media coverage. Many, if not most, incidents of censorship go unreported. Our tracking has grown more robust over time, but records from earlier years are less complete. The American Library Association has averaged reports of 395 cases per year since 2001 and suggests that over 80% of cases cannot be tracked.

If you have further questions about the data or methodology, send us a note at [email protected].