The Free Expression Network (FEN) is an alliance of organizations dedicated to protecting the First Amendment right of free expression and the values it represents, and to opposing governmental efforts to suppress constitutionally-protected speech. FEN members provide a wide range of expertise, resources and services to policymakers, the media, scholars, and the public at large.

Members meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and debate complex First Amendment issues, to share information and strategies, to coordinate activities, and to organize collective action. FEN members also participate in digital information sharing and programmatic outreach among members between meetings.

FEN member organizations include:

About the FEN Steering Committee

FEN meetings and other activities are planned and organized by the FEN Steering Committee, which is composed of representatives from member organizations. All FEN members are eligible to participate in the steering committee. Organizational requests to join FEN or nominations for membership will be addressed by the steering committee, which will consider whether the mission of the organization seeking inclusion in FEN is consistent with FEN’s goal to protect the First Amendment and promote free expression.