These resources will help you better understand your First Amendment rights (in and out of school), learn about notable cases relating to student speech, and take action against censorship in your communities.

If you feel your right to speak, think or create is under threat, we’re here to help.

Featured Resources for Students

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NCAC's Book Censorship ToolkitBooks, Schools
The Show Must Go On: A Toolkit for Organizing Against Theater Censorship in Public SchoolsSchools, Theatre & Performance
LGBTQ Right to Read Resource GuideSexuality, Books
LGBTQ Book Bans and ChallengesSexuality, Schools
Student JournalismSchools, Broadcasting
BE HEARD! Protecting Your Protest RightsPolitical Dissent, Schools
Student Protests During National Anthem and Pledge: A Resource and TimelinePolitical Dissent, Schools
Political Speech in SchoolsPolitical Dissent, Schools
Islam in the Classroom: Teaching About Religion is Not Religious IndoctrinationReligion, Schools
Islam: Indoctrination or Education? A TimelineReligion, Schools
The First Amendment in Schools: Resource GuideSchools
The First Amendment in Schools: Resource Guide: Student Expression: Web Pages, Dress Codes, and MoreSchools
The First Amendment in Schools: Resource Guide: Harassment and Hate SpeechSchools, Harassment
Criticizing your SchoolSchools, Political Dissent
Sex EducationSexuality
Sexting: Know Your RightsSexuality
Student Artistic ExpressionVisual Art, Schools
Internet Filters in Schools and LibrariesInternet, Schools
Cyberbullying: How Widespread Is It?Internet, Schools
Watch What you Tweet: Schools, Censorship, and Social MediaSchools, Internet
What Can I do to protect free speech now: Tools for activistsCensorship, Violence
The Struggle for Civil Rights and the First AmendmentPolitical Dissent
NCAC Testimony to US Commission on Civil Rights: Vague and Overbroad Definitions of Bully Threatens Students' Constitutional RightsSchools
Suppression of Gay/Straight Alliances on HS CampusesSexuality, Schools
Abstinence-Only EducationSexuality, Schools
Abstinence Only Partner OrganizationsSexuality, Schools
Sex and Health EducationSexuality, Schools
Abstinence Only: Joint Statement and OppositionSexuality, Schools
Timeline of Abstinence-Only Education in U.S. ClassroomsSexuality, Schools
Graphic Novels: Suggestions for LibrariansBooks, Visual Art