Issue 71, Fall 1998

House Approves $98 Million For The NEA

After years of controversy, the House has overwhelmingly voted $98 million for the National Endowment of the Arts. Public support, and new rules for distributing arts money more widely among the states, contributed to the election-year shift among legislators. The Senate, which has rescued NEA’s funding in the past, will vote soon.

Problems for artists, sponsors, and their audience nonetheless remain. The Future of the Arts and Arts Advocacy will be the topic at a program sponsored by NCAC and others at Cooper Union, in New York City on October 6. Speakers include playwright Tony Kushner; Nathan Cummings Foundation president, Charles Halpern; NEA v. Finley co-counsel, Marjorie Heins; Phoenix Art Museum director, James Ballinger; and others. For information, click here.