NCAC Censorship News Issue #65:

As a tribute to her passionate commitment to the First Amendment and to her remarkable leadership, NCAC has established The Leanne Katz Fund for Free Expression (The LK Fund). With Judy Blume as its sponsor, the LK Fund will provide special support to carry forward NCAC’s work into the millennium and build the “bridge” we have heard so much about, to enable our precious right of free inquiry to flourish.

A nationwide search is underway for a new director. The LK Fund will give “breathing room” to Leanne’s successor, to assess NCAC’s considerable strengths, programs and direction, and begin new initiatives. Contributions may be made out to NCAC, LK Fund.

Tributes to Leanne

In the last few weeks, letters to Leanne have been pouring in, many of which she read. It warmed her to know that she was “surrounded by love.” Here are excerpts from a few:

…I “cut my teeth” on the censorship issue as a friend and student of Roger Baldwin. He became a real hero to me in my post-college years. Now, in my retirement years, I think of you in the same way with respect to NCAC.
John H. Burt, Bishop of Ohio, retired

You have done a superb job for the coalition.
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University

Your clear, commonsensical vision of an unencumbered First Amendment, the right to read and watch and learn by one’s own light. A measured, intelligent rhapsody to freedom.
Mona Mangan, Executive Director, Writers Guild of America, East

Her energy and devotion to the cause of seeing that censorious minds not close down our society was awe-inspiring.
Dave Pomeroy, Communication Commission, National Council of Churches of Christ

When we recently wrote an amicus brief to the Supreme Court regarding the chilling effect the Communications Decency Act ..would have on the arts, NCAC was the first place I thought of to get information about what had been banned in communities around the US.
Amy Schwartzman, Executive Director, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts