NCAC Censorship News Issue #65:

Oklahoma University Bans Sex on the ‘Net

The fight to protect free
speech on the Internet was set back in January when a federal district court judge
ruled that Oklahoma University’s newsgroup is not a public forum. The case was
brought by journalism professor Bill Loving when the University blocked access
to almost 200 newsgroups available on the University’s computer system in the
“” area.

The action was taken after
a state legislator and “Oklahomans for Children and Families,” told President
David Boren that the University was violating state law by distributing “obscenity.”
All newsgroups found under “” were blocked, including discussion groups
on Biblical treatment of sex, safe sex forums, and support groups for survivors
of sexual abuse.

Since the lawsuit was filed,
the University has added a computer server which does not restrict content but
is available only to those over 18 and solely for educational purposes.

Loving teaches courses on
mass communications law and censorship. He brought suit despite the fact that
he is up for tenure shortly. “My principles are worth more than a paycheck,” he
told NCAC. “If I allowed this to happen I’d be a hypocrite because I teach my
students about the value of the First Amendment.” He is appealing the district
court decision.



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