Who: Matthew Sottile and Dawson Burke “Bike for Progress”

What: A fundraiser! A cross country bicycle ride in support of NCAC

When: Biking begins April 5, 2010

Where: Baltimore, Maryland to Canon Beach, Oregon – and 4,200 miles in between

Why: “We solemnly believe that the preservation of the free movement of ideas protected by the First Amendment is a cause worthy of your and our own collective support. We hope that you will take the time to consider the negative implications that censorship can have on our society and that you too will see the merit in supporting the NCAC in their resistance to that censorship.” –Bike for Progress.

Donate: To sponsor the riders in support of NCAC, please donate here. Suggested donation is $21 (1/2 cent per mile at 4,200 miles) *Please write “Bike for Progress” in the PAYPAL Message box.

Matthew Sottile and Dawson Burke of Connecticut will “Bike for Progress.” On April 5, 2010, the two high school friends will begin their trans-America journey, cycling from Baltimore, Maryland to Canon Beach, Oregon in support of free speech. All pledges and sponsorship for “Bike for Progress” will be generously donated to NCAC. The cross-country trip has been in the works since Study Hall, their sophomore year in high school, but it was Matthew Sottile’s recent idea to ride for our cause. Check out their blog here.