The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) and supporters protested the decision by the Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA) to cancel the exhibit “A Child’s View From Gaza” under pressure from Zionist organizations. MOCHA held firm that they would not allow the exhibit. MECA announced that the exhibit would open on the originally scheduled date anyway, outside rather than inside of MOCHA. What MECA kept under wraps until opening day was that they had secured an alternate venue for the exhibit just around the corner from MOCHA. As the exhibit was set to open, MECA and supporters first gathered in the courtyard outside of the MOCHA building, displaying reproductions of the Gazan children’s artwork. Less than half an hour later, an announcement was made about the new venue and the Brass Liberation Orchestra led supporters out of the courtyard, down the sidewalk, and around the corner to the new home for the exhibit. Hundreds of people attended the opening over the course of the next few hours. In front of the new venue, speakers addressing the censorship included Ziad Abbas and Barbara Lubin of MECA.The exhibit is set to show in Oakland through November 30th.