Board members in East Penn high school recognized that voting to remove Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep and Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Testwithout a formal review would have constitutional implications. The Kids’ Right to Read Project pointed out this fact in a letter to the board after a single board member motioned to axe the books, mislabeling them "pornographic." A parent finally lodged a formal challenge on September 24 and the books will be reconsidered by a formal committee of teachers, administrators and board members, who will evaluate their educational value. 

Several students at Emmaus High School spoke out at the September 24 board meeting and brought a petition that they had had signed by their peers. The Morning Call reported that senior Neil Ren told board directors: "We don’t want to be sheltered. It’s counterproductive to cover up things that are prevalent in society." 

Prep and Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test were subject to a materials challenge five years ago and we discussed by a reconsideration committee and remained on the reading list.


East Penn Joint Letter