Nearly every medium and message has faced censorship, at some point in history. Discover the history of free speech battles while acquiring necessary tools to defeat censorship today.

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Art Law Library


Know your rights! User-friendly database for artists, teachers, students, reporters and more. Research art law topics, brush up on important cases and demystifiy legal terms.

Book Censorship Toolkit


NCAC’s guide to fighting book censorship, the Book Censorship Toolkitis made for students, educators, and parents everywhere. Get tips on responding to book censorship, learn the typical objections to books, and the usual procedure for challenging book bans.



Censorpedia ( is a participatory wiki of censorship incidents from the Iron Age to the 21st Century. The archive builds on the The File Room, an internationally renowned 1994 art project by Muntadas, and contains over 1000 censorship incidents from around the world, some dating back to the 5th c. BC, others documenting ongoing censorship battles.

Seen here: Detail of Thomas Eakins’ “The Gross Clinic”, which was censored from exhibition in the 19th Century.

First Amendment In the Schools

First Amendment In Schools

A collection of materials on the topic of censorship in schools for the use of students, educators, and parents everywhere.