Published December 2021

In communities across the country, an organized political attack on books in schools threatens the education of America’s children. These ongoing attempts to purge schools of books represent a partisan political battle fought in school board meetings and state legislatures. The undersigned organizations and individuals are deeply concerned about this sudden rise in censorship and its impact on education, the rights of students, and freedom of expression. 

Nearly all communities have developed policies for both handling book challenges and allowing parents to influence their own child’s reading, but they must do so within the guideposts set forth by the Supreme Court, without infringing on the rights of other students. The law clearly prohibits the kind of activities we are seeing today: censoring school libraries, removing books–and entire reading lists–based on disagreement with viewpoint and without any review of their educational or literary merit. Some would-be censors have gone even farther, threatening teachers, school librarians, authors, and school board members with criminal charges and even violence for allowing students access to books.

Libraries offer students the opportunity to encounter books and other material that they might otherwise never see and the freedom to make their own choices about what to read. Denying young people this freedom to explore–often on the basis of a single controversial passage cited out of context–will limit not only what they can learn but who they can become. 

Books help students connect with characters whose stories reflect their own lives. They also widen their view of a changing world that embraces diversity and multiculturalism. But there is always resistance to change. So it is not surprising that most of the books that are being attacked address concerns of groups previously underrepresented in libraries and school curriculums: books about lived experiences of racism or of growing up LGBTQIA and experiencing bias, discrimination, hate and even violence.  

The First Amendment guarantees that no individual, group of individuals, legislator, community member, or even school board member can dictate what public school students are allowed to read based on their own personal beliefs or political viewpoint.

It is freedom of expression that ensures that we can meet the challenges of a changing world.  That freedom is critical for the students who will lead America in the years ahead. We must fight to defend it.


National Coalition Against Censorship
Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska
American Booksellers Association
American Civil Liberties Union
American Library Association
American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) First Amendment Committee
Ariadne Getty Foundation
Arizona English Teachers Association
Association of American Publishers
Association of University Presses
Association of Writers & Writing Programs
Athlete Ally
Austin Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Basic Rights Oregon
Campaign for Southern Equality
Children’s Book Council
Children’s Literature Association
Coalition for Literacy Equity
Color of Change
Colorado Council for the Social Studies
Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Common Cause Ohio
Damien Center

Defending Rights & Dissent
Delaware Stonewall PAC
Equality Federation
Equality Florida
Equality Illinois
Equality North Carolina
Equality Ohio
Equality Texas
Family Equality
Fight for the Future
Free Speech Coalition
Freedom Oklahoma
Garden State Equality
GEKCO: Gender Expansive Kids & Co.

Georgia Equality
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
Government Information Watch
Heartland Institute for Transformation
Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
Indiana Youth Group (IYG)
Indianapolis PFLAG

International Council of Teachers of English
International Literacy Association
Iowa Council of Teachers of English
Kaleidoscope Youth Center
Kansas Association of Teachers of English
KidLit TV
Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
League of Women Voters Lickiing County
Library Futures
Literary Cleveland
Maine Council for English Language Arts
Marathon Entertainment
Matthew Shepard Foundation
Meet the Writers, Inc.
Midwest Independent Booksellers Association

Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association
National Black Justice Coalition
National Book Foundation
National Center for Lesbian Rights
National Center for Science Education
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
National Education Association
National LGBTQ Task Force
National Youth Rights Association
New Abolitionist Movement
New England Independent Booksellers Association

New Jersey Council of Teachers of English
New Jersey Library Association
New Jersey Safe Schools Coalition
New York State English Council (NYSEC)
North Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA)
Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English
One WillCo
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association
PEN America
PEN Children’s and Young Adult Book Committee
People For the American Way
PFLAG National
Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
Prairie Pride Coalition
Pride and Less Prejudice
Prism United
SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change
Safe Schools Action Network
Shelly’s Voice Advocacy Group
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance
Tennessee Equality Project
Texas Council for the Social Studies
The Authors Guild
The Freedom to Read Foundation
The GenderCool Project
The Trevor Project
The Zoyd Group Inc.
Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT)
Transgender Law Center
Trinity Haven, Inc.

Uniting Pride of Champaign County
Urban Librarians Unite
Virginia Council for the Social Studies
Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA)
Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English
Williamson Strong
Writers for Democratic Action
Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Publishers and Agencies

A Kids Company About
Amble Press
Andrews McMeel Universal
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Beacon Press
Bloomsbury Publishing
Blue Cactus Press
Candlewick Press
DoppelHouse Press LLC
Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Good Spirit News
Hachette Book Group
How Now Booking

International Publishers
Levine Querido
Little Bee Books
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc.
Macmillan Publishers
Penguin Random House
Publications International, Ltd.
The Quarto Group
Scholastic Inc.
Seven Stories Press / Triangle Square Books for Young Readers
Simon & Schuster
Steerforth Press & Truth to Power Books


Aaron’s Books, Lititz PA
Abalabix Books
Alcott’s Attic Bookstore
Aunt EEk’s Books & Curiosities

Avantpop Books
Battenkill Books
bbgb tales for kids
Beach Books
Bespoke Books and Archives
Blue Willow Bookshop
Bob’s Beach Books
Bogan Books
Book Heads
Book Passage
Books & Books
Browseabout Books
Buffalo Street Books
Cannon Beach Book Company
Children’s Book World
City Lights Bookstore
Commonplace Reader
Completely Booked
Copper Dog Books
Copperfield’s Books
Country Bookshelf (Bozeman, MT)
Curious Iguana
DDG Booksellers
Fabled Bookshop & Cafe
Fair Trade Books

Firefly Bookstore
Gibson’s Bookstore, Concord, NH

Harvard Book Store
I’m Your Neighbor Books
Interabang Books
Katy Budget Books
Lake City Books and Writers Nook
lala books
Lark & Owl Booksellers
Let’s Play Books Bookstore

Lido Village Books
Little Shop of Stories

Longs’ Cards and Books
Madison Books
Madison Street Books
Main Street Reads
McIntyre’s Books
MoJoe’s Books & Etc.
Montana Book Co.
Mountain Shire: Books & Gifts

Narberth Bookshop
Next Page Books & Nosh
Nowhere Bookshop
Oblong Books
Odyssey Bookshop, Inc.
Off the Beaten Path Bookstore, Coffeehouse & Bakery Cafe
Old Firehouse Books
Olivia & Daisy
Old Town Books
Once Upon a Time Bookstore
Pageturners Bookstore

Postmark Books
Powell’s Books
Queen City Book Bank

R Bookmark
Riot Acts
Rough Draft Bar & Books
Rudolph Girls Bookstore
Second Star to the Right Children’s Books
Snug Books, LLC

Square Books
Talking Leaves…Books
Tattered Cover Book Store
The Astoria Bookshop
The Bluestocking Bookshop
The Book House in Dinkytown
The Bookies Bookstore
The Bookstore
The Bookstore at Fitger’s
The Crowded Bookshelf

The Independent Bookseller, LLC
The King’s English Bookshop
The Literate Lizard Online Bookstore
The Read Queen Bookstore
the river’s end bookstore
The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop
Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop
Turning The Page
Under the Umbrella Bookstore
Village Books
Weller Book Works
Whitelam Books
Winchester Book Gallery


Aaron John Curtis, Writer and Bookseller
Abigail Corfman, Writer
Adriana Durbin, Librarian
Adrianna Cuevas, Author
Adrianna Kenworthy
Aida Salazar, Author, The Moon Within
Aileen Hower, Assistant Professor of Literacy
Akilah Brown, Professor
Alan Fowler, Bookseller
Alan Friedenberg, Educational Consultant
Alan Wallach, Art Historian
Alecia Magnifico, Associate Professor

Alex Gino, Author
Alex London, Author
Alex Sanchez, Author
Alexandra Grannis, Retired Teacher
Alexandra Katona, Marketing Consultant
Alexandra Villasante, Author
Alexis Rappaport, Designer
Alexis Whitney, English Teacher
Ali Lesch, Occupational Therapist
Alison Green Myers, Author and Program Director
Allen Wells, Author
Allison Burnett, Author
Allison Walsh, School librarian
Allison Weintraub, Assistant Editor
Alvina Ling, Editor
Alyssa Miele
Amanda Creasey, English Teacher and Freelance Writer
Amber Ford, English Teacher
Amber Oliver, Founder of Reading Revolutionaries
Amy Bloom, Author and Teacher

Amy Bouch, Teacher, Chartiers Valley Middle School
Amy Gebhardt
Amy Thomas, Bookseller
Amy Werbel, Fellow, University of California Center for Free Expression and Civic Engagement
Ana Siqueira, Author and Teacher
Andrea Beatriz Arango, Author
Andrea Gollin
Andrew Karre, Editor
Andrew Lloyd, Consultant and Filmmaker
Andy Bellows, Bookseller
Angie Zhao, Events & Social Media Coordinator, bbgb books
Anika Aldamuy Denise, Author
Anita Hannig, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Ann Angel, Professor and writer
Ann C

Ann Christophersen
Ann Hurwitz, Retired Educator
Anna Bloom, Editor
Anna Brown, Bookseller
Anne Broyles, Author
Anne G. Edwards, Librarian
Anne Jamieson, Librarian
Anne Marie Pace, Author

Anne Ursu, Author
Annette Siegel Gross, LGBTQ Advocate
Anthony Cookson, Concerned Citizen
Ariana Paliobagis, Bookstore Owner
Aryeh Neier, Foundation Executive
Ashley Hope Pérez, Author and Educator
Ashley N Lynch, Avid reader
Ashley Winstead, Author
Ashlyn Chase, Author

Ashlyn Keil
Askold Melnyczuk, Writer
Aviva Orenstein, Professor of Law
Barbara Ebling, Bookseller
Barbara Simon, Head of News and Campaigns, GLAAD
Barbara Swanson Sanders, Retired teacher/librarian/bookseller
Barbara McClintock, Author/Illustrator
Barbara Perry Morgan, Not-for-profit fundraiser

Barbara Stern, Educator and Psychotherapist
Barry Berry Douglas, Writer/Comedian/Teacher
Becky Anderson, Bookstore Owner, Anderson Bookshops
Becky Eisenberg, Teacher
Ben Rosenthal, Editor

Benjamin Alire Saenz, Author
Benjamin R. Wellenreiter, Ed.D., Social Studies Teacher Educator
Beth Barron
Beth Hemke Shapiro, Bookseller, former school library media specialist
Beth Sochacki
Beth Wladis, Librarian
Betina Hsieh, Associate Professor, California State University Long Beach College of Education, Teacher Education/ Secondary Literacy
Betsy Burton, Bookseller
Betsy Malcolm
Betsy Schneider, Clinical Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Beverly Ingle, Bookstore Owner
Bhawani Venkataraman, Teacher
Bill Wiles, Adjunct Professor-Castleton University (VT)
Blair Bartley, Librarian
Brandon Bolyard, Educator
Brian Lies, Author and Illustrator
Brianna Gibson, Teacher
Bridget McCarthy, Editorial Assistant
Britt Margit, Book Curator, bibliobrittish
Bruce Coville, Author
Bud Carter
Caitlin Kelley
Carl Stein, Physician Assistant
Carla Pineda, Independent bookstore manager
Carla Scheele, Educational administrator (retired)
Carly Hath, Author
Carol Goodwin, Child care provider
Carole Boston Weatherford, Author and Professor
Carolyn Forché, University Professor, Georgetown University, Founding Member, Writers for Democratic Action

Carter Wilson, Author
Caryn Wiseman, Executive Agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Cassandra Whetstone, Educator and writer

Catherine Brennan
Catherine Onder Caplan, Publisher
Catherine Constantin-Reid, Educator; life coach
Catherine Hong, Critic
Charles R. Smith Jr., Author-Poet-Photographer
Charley Rejsek, Bookseller
Charlotte Huang, Author
Chelsea McPeek, Bookseller
Cheryl Bricker
Cheryl Brooks, Author
Cheryl Krocker McKeon, bookseller
Cheryl B. Klein, Author and Editor
Cheryl Willis Hudson, Author-Editor of Books for Young People

Chris Barton, Author
Christa Desir, Editor
Chris Go
Chris Jackson, Mental Health Counselor
Chris Koeth, librarian
Christina Lefleur, Bookseller
Christina Soontornvat, Children’s Book Author
Christina Soontornvat, Author
Christina Vega, Publisher
Christine Bellettini, clinical research and author
Christoph Berendes

Christopher Mazura, Teacher
Chuck & Dee Robinson, Retired Booksellers
Chuck Hayward, Writer
Cindy Lin, Author
Claire Andrews, Author
Claire Legrand, Author
Clairesa Clay, Former teacher
Cliff Burke, Author
Colleen Dunn Bates, Writer
Colleen Kepner, Teacher and Author
Courtney Kelley, Reader
Cristina Nosti, Bookseller
Crystal Maldonado, Author
Cynthia Harmony, Author
Cynthia Leitich Smith, Author
Cynthia Levinson, Author
Cynthia A. Sell, Retired Educator
Dan Kizaur, Teacher
Dana Rudolph, Journalist, book reviewer
Danette Lipten, Retired Teacher
Daniel Aper, University Professor

Daniel Corfman
Daniel José Older, Author
Daniel W. Chartrand, Owner and Bookseller; Water Street Bookstore, Inc.
Daniel Segal
Mx. Dannie Moore, Assistant Children’s Services Manager of the River Forest Public Library
Daria Peoples, Author

Dave Bentlin, Education
David Frerichs, Clergy
David Fury, Writer/Producer
David Goldberg, Sales and Marketing Director, Steerforth Press
David Macinnis Gill, Author
David Misch, Screenwriter
David Misch, Teacher
David Rosenbaum, Physician
Deacon Maccubbin, Founder, Lambda Literary Awards
Deb Lacusta, Writer
Debbi Michiko Florence, Author
Debbie Loren Dunn, Author
Deborah E Cohen, Retired Librarian
Deborah Clark
Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Author and Illustrator
Deborah Cooper, Former teacher and editor
Deborah Diesen, Author

Deborah Heiligman Author
Deborah Merritt, Retired Professor
Deborah Salyer, Literature Speaker
Denise Dolence, Publishing
Devin R. Wilkie, Associate Publisher, Steerforth Press
Diana E Matsoukas, Professor
Diane Galen

Diane Reynolds, Reflective Practice Trainer, Org Consultant, Leadership Coach
Diane Stanley, Author/Illustrator
Dianne Houston, Writer/Director
Deirdre Cooper Owens, Author
Don Tate, Author and Illustrator
Donna J. Bowman, Author
Ed Ifkovic, Author
Edna Kornberg, Educator
Edward E. Roth, Jr., Free Speech Advocate
e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, Author & Co-Founder, Never Counted Out
Eisha A. Mason, counselor
Elana K. Arnold, Author
Elaine and Sam Simon, librarian
Elizabeth Bartek, Marketing Manager, independent bookstore
Elizabeth M Young, Bookstore Owner
Dr. Elizabeth Dreier, Retired Teacher, Principal, College Instructor in Education
Elizabeth Janssen Koopman, Retired educator
Elizabeth Levy, Author
Elizabeth C. Segal, member of Bank Street College Children’s Book Committee
Elizabeth Solar, Bookseller
Elizabeth M Young, Bookstore Owner
Ellen Hopkins, Author
Ellen Richmond, Bookseller/Bookstore Owner
Ellen Robinson, Poet
Ellen Rubin, Retired Librarian
Ellen Trachtenberg, Bookseller
Elin Whitney-Smith
Eliot Schrefer, Author

Elliott Owen, Writer/Producer
Em Henry, Teacher
Emily Adkins, Social worker
Emily Alger-Feser
Emily G., Librarian

Emily Luedloff, Publishing Professional
Emma D Dryden, Children’s Book Editorial & Publishing Consultant
Emma Hintzen, Associate Editor
Emma Kawecki, Bookseller at bbgb
Erin Dionne, Author
Erin Eitter Kono, Author
Erin Matthews, Bookseller
Erin McClary, Editor
Eva Thaddeus, Teacher
Eva Doblas, Curriculum content developer
Evan Griffith, Children’s Book Author and Editor
Eve O. Schaub, author
Ezra Goldstein, Co-Owner, Community Bookstore
F. Lynn Curlee, Author / Illustrator
Faith Middleton, Journalist
FJ Khan, Dean Emerita, Bank Street College
Fran Manushkin, author
Francesca Flores, Author
Fred L Pincus, Sociologist and writer
Gael LeLamer, Book Buyer
Gaia Cornwall, Author and Illustrator
Gayle Pitman, Author
Gayleen Rabakukk, Author
George M Johnson, Author of All Boys Aren’t Blue
Gerald Silk, professor
Gil Schmerler, Bank Street College of Education, faculty

Gillian Engberg, Consultant, Children’s Books and Media
Ginger Johnson, Author
Glaisma PerezSilva, Coordinator of Disability Services
Gloria Duke, Author

Gloria Koster, Librarian and Author
Grace Sullivan, Bookseller
Gwendolyn Rice, Nonprofit administrator (retired)
Hannah Salyer, Author
Hanh Bui, Author

Heather Duncan, Executive Director, MPIBA
Heather Van Uxem Lewis, EdD, Artist and Professor
Heidi R Kling, MFA, Young Adult Author
Helen Freidus, Educator
Helen A. Harrison, Author
Helene Dunbar, Author
Holly A. Spinelli, Educator
Howard Bloom, Writer and Thinker
J Whildin, Writer and Artist
J. Xavier Prochaska, Professor
Jaima Fixsen, Author
James Crossley, Bookseller
James M. Ivy, Entertainer
James LaRue, library consultant
James Newell, Physician
Jane Lahr Crites, Publishing agent and packager
Jane Park, Author
Jane Tesh, Author
Ms. Jane Thynne
Jane Yolen, Author and Editor
Janet Hilbun, PhD, Retired teacher, librarian, professor
Janet Wong, Author
Janice MacLeod, Author
Jarrett J. Krosoczka, Author and Illustrator
Jason June, Author
Jaymie Cashdollar, School Librarian
Jean Holliday, Mental Health Provider
Jeanette Bradley Author and Illustrator
Jeffrey Siger, Author
Jeffry W. Johnston, Author
Jen Calonita, Author

Jenn Reese Author
Jenna Quatraro, Publishing Industry Employee and Parent
Jenne Abramowitz, Executive Editor
Jenni White, Executive Director
Jennifer Barclay, Author and editor
Jennifer Basye Sander
Jennifer Blake, Parent
Jennifer Brown, Reviewer
Jennifer M Jubenville, Store Manager, The Bookstore at Fitger’sJennifer Kimball
Jennifer Venezia, Avid Reader

Jennifer Ziegler, Author
Jenny Whitehead, Teacher
Jerdine Nolen, Author
Jeremy Rak, Teacher
Jerry Craft, Author / Illustrator
Jessica Vitalis, Author
Jessica Wampler, English teacher
Jessica Walters, Artist
Jill McCorkle, author/teacher
Jim Loveland
Jina Accardo, Literacy Specialist
Jo Knowles, Author and Teacher
Joanna Robertson, Bookstore owner/educator
Joanne Rossmassler Fritz, Author
Jodi Carmichael, Author
Jodi Turchin, Teacher
Joe Huggins
Joe Mathieu, Illustrator

Jonathan Krejci
Jonathon Welch, Bookseller
Joseph Anthony, Author
Joseph Bruchac, Doctor
Joseph Schneider, Author and Educator
Josephine Cameron, Author
Josh Funk, Author
Joyce Hansen, author, retired middle school teacher
Jubi Arriola-Headley, Poet
Judy Bendich
Judy Blume, Writer
Judy Blundell, Author
The Reverend Julia Whitworth, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Indianapolis
Julie Anne Lindsey, Author
Julie Clark, Author
Julie Gribble, Author & Founder of KidLit TV
Dr. Julie A. Heck, Biologist, college instructor
Julie Lake, Author and Teacher
Julie Swanson, Author
Juliet Menéndez, Author and Illustrator
June Morris, President, Oregon Council for the Social Studies
Junior Tidal, Librarian
Juno Dawson, Author

Justin Chanda, Publisher
K. Bigelow, Teacher
KA Holt, Author
Kait Ballenger, Author
Karen Adams
Karen L.Butt, Childcare provider, retired teacher, PFLAG member
Karen Duncan
Karen Emmerling, Beach Books
Karen Goldman
Karen Lindquist, Horticulturist, writer
Karen E. Lotz, Publisher and literacy advocate

Karlan Sick, Board President, Literacy for Incarcerated Teens
Kate Messner, Author
Kate Moore, Author
Kate Roddy 
Katherine Cramer, Professor of English Education
Katherine V Wiese, Librarian
Katherine Wakefield, Bookseller, Books & Books
Kathleen Rugger, NYC public high school teacher
Kathryn Erskine, Author
Kathryn Payne, Teacher, reviewer, member Bank Street Children’s Book Committee
Kathy Ellen Davis, Bookseller and Author
Katie Bayerl, Author
Katie Golding, Author
Katlin Kerrison, Bookseller/Buyer
Katrina Bright-Yerges, bookseller
Kay Baumgartner, Retired

Kayla Cagan, Author
Kelli Estes, Author
Kelly Aldridge, Teacer
Kelly Barnhill, Author
Kelly Grey Carlisle, Author; Associate Professor, Trinity University
Kelly Steiner, NBCT, Middle School Teacher
Kelly Yang, Author
Ken Manske, Independent Book store owner
Kenneth Pomeranz, Professor, University of Chicago
Kenny Brechner, Bookstore Owner
Kenzie McDermott, Teacher
Kerry Finnamore, Editor
Kim Anvinson, College Bookstore Director
Kim Baker, Author
Kim Corfman, Professor
Kimberly Bissell, Bookstore owner
Kimberly Huffman
Kimberly Pugliese, Retired
Kindall Stevenson, English teacher
Kit Little, Owner, Little Extra LLC
Kristi Gleason
Kristian Beverly
Kristin Rasmussen, Executive Director, CALIBA
Kristin Saner, Bookseller
Kristine Brecht, teacher
Kristin Cashore, Author
Kristin Freda, Librarian
Kristen Siplon, Registered Nurse
Kristina McMorris, Author
Kyle Lukoff, Author

L. Stern-Kluger, Reading Specialist
Laekan Zea Kemp, Author
Larissa Theule, Children’s Book Author
Laura Barr
Laura Lojpersberger, Teacher
Laura Moe, Author and retired librarian

Laura Ojeda Melchor, Author
Laura Rice, Full Body Frequency Host/Producer
Laura Rueckert, Author
Laura R. Steen, Teacher
Laurel Snyder, Author
Lauren Kessler, Author and teacher
Lauren Kizaur, Licensed psychotherapist
Laurie Halse Anderson, Author
Laurie Powsner, Psychotherapist
Lawrence Butti, Educator
Lawrence S. Lerner, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach
Lee Wind, Author and Blogger
Leigh Hurwitz, Public Librarian
Leila Sales, Author and Editor
Leo Neufeld, Bookseller
Leonard S. Marcus, Author
Lesa Cline-Ransome, Author
Lesléa Newman, Author
Leslie Davis, Regal Librarian
LeUyen Pham
Lin Oliver, Executive Director, SCBWI
Linda Carver, Business Manager, Independent Bookstore
Linda Colarusso, Educational Adminstrator
Linda Greengrass, Librarian (retired)
Linda Broday, author

Linda Urban, Author
Lindsey Lane, Author
Lisa Anchin, Author/Illustrator
Lisa Davis, Researcher
Lisa Holton, Faculty, Institute for NonProfit Practice

Lisa Goldstein, Librarian
Lisa Holenko, Bookstore Owner and Former Teacher
Lisa Roe
Lisa Spring, Concerned citizen
Lisa Strauch Eggers, Lawyer

Lisa Stringfellow, Author and educator
Linsey Miller, Author
Liz Garton Scanlon, Author
Liz Murray, Ed D, Early Childhood Educator
Loree Griffin Burns, Author
Lori Barrientos Sanchez, Director of Operations for Busboys and Poets Books
Lori F
Lori Keckler, Mom
Lori R Snyder, Author
Lorie Barber, Education Director and Former Teacher
Lou DiMaggio, Writer
Louis Arata, Author
Luisa Smith, Bookseller and Editor

Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Author and Translator
Lynne Cherry
M.R. Tapia
Mabel Hsu, Editor
Madeline Ford, Librarian
Mae Respicio, Author
Maia Kobabe, Author
Malinda Lo, Author
Mandee Cunningham
marco zirotti, libreria atlantide – bookstore
Margaret Willson, Author
Maria Browne, Book Seller at Newtown Bookshop
Maria Heng, Retired

Maria Ingrande Mora, Author, Fragile Remedy
Maria Vallejo-Nguyen, Reviewer
Marianna Baer, Author/Editor
MarieH Zanzal, Art Educator, Museum Educator, Online Educational Content Creator
Marlayna Maclarty, freelance writer
Marilyn Ackerman, Retired Librarian
Marilyn Mackel, Retired Professor
Marjie Ino, Office Assistant and Grad Student

Mark Alpert, Author of Young Adult Novels
Mark de Castrique, Author
Mark Freeman, IT Professional
Mark Hiser, Retired high school English teacher and college adjunct faculty member
Mark Nash, Teacher
Martha Brockenbrough, Faculty, Vermont College of Fine Arts
Martha Bullen, author and publishing consultant
Martha Hickson, Librarian
Martin Cruz Smith, Author
Mary Emily O’Hara, Journalist
Mary Kent Whitaker, teacher
Mary Klain, Homeschool mom to 5 kids with 16 years experience
Mary Van Akin, Director of School & Library Marketing, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Mary Winn Heider, Author
Maura McGill, Librarian
Maureen Palacios, Bookstore owner
Meagan Church, Author
Meg Callaci
Meg Medina, Author
Megan Mertens, General Manager, Off the Beaten Path Bookstore
Meghan Maria McCullough, Associate Editor
Melanie Cade, Bookseller
Melanie Conklin, Children’s Author
Melanie Dobbs
Melanie Ferguson, Bookseller
Melanie J. Wirtz, English Teacher
Melinda Greenblat, Librarian
Melissa Cistaro, Author and Teacher
Meridith Breen, NCSS Board of Directors
Metta Sáma, Managing Editor
Mia Garcia, Author
Michael Arndt, Author/Illustrator
Michael Bourret, Literary Agent
Michael Hannemann, VP of Technology
Michael Leali, Author and Educator
Michael Ludin, Child Advocate
Michael Myers
Michael T. Goodrich-Stuart
Michaela Squier
Michelle Bulla, English Teacher, 9-12 Department Chair
Michelle Davis, Educator
Michelle Knudsen, Author
Michelle Parkerson, Writer, LGBTQ+ Activist
Michele Weisman, Founder and Executive Director of Meet the Writers, Inc.
Mike Allegra
Mike Curato, Author
Mike Jung, Author
Mike Langworthy, Writer/Producer
Mike Royce, TV Writer
Mindy Yuksel, Author
Minna Zelch, Parent
Miranda Paul, Author
Miriam Lang Budin, Retired Head of Children’s Services, Chappaqua Library
Mitchell Eggers
Mitchell Kaplan, President, Books & Books
Molly Ellis, Publishing Professional
Monica Carter, LGBTQ Writers in Schools program manager
Morika Tsujimura, Teacher
Morton D. Paley, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
Ms. Grace Kendall, Editor
Mya shone, Editorial Board, The Organizer Newspaper
Nadia Salomon, Author
Nancy Castaldo, Author
Nalani Thomas
Nancy Balaban
Nancy McKeever, Retired faculty, Graduate School of Education

Nancy Thelen
Naomi Shihab Nye, Writer, Educator, Young People’s Poet Laureate
Natalie Standiford, Author
Nicholas Moline, Attorney
Nick Shapiro
Nicole Brinkley, Manager at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY
Nicole Lesperance, Author
Nicole Maggi, Author
Nicole Sullivan, Bookstore Owner

Nicole Walker, High School Teacher Librarian and Media Specialist
Nikki Grimes, Author, Ordinary Hazards et al
Nikoo McGoldrick, Author
Nina Crews, Author and Illustrator
Nina Jensen, Retired
Noel L. Silverman
NoNieqa Ramos, Author
Nora MacIntyre, Teacher/librarian – semi-retired
Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, Author
Orel Protopopescu, Author
Oren Teicher, Bookseller
Padma Venkatraman, Author
Pamela S. Turner, Author
Pat Cummings, Author, illustrator, professor
Pat O’Brien, Economic Development/Community Work
Pat Scales, Consultant
Patricia Lakin, Author
Patricia Newman, Sibert Honor Author
Patricia Wiles, Author
Patty Blount, Author
Paul Auster, Writer
Paul Avery, Professor, University of Florida

Paul Yamazaki, Bookseller
Paula Chase, Co-Founder The Brown Bookshelf
Paula Yoo, Author
Penny Haw
Peter Brown, Author/Illustrator
Peter Hare, Librarian

Phil Bildner, Author
Phil Davies, Director
Priscilla Royal, Author
Rachael Reiley, MLIS Student, SJSU
Rachel Lindsey, Interim President, Chicago State University (ret.)
Rachel Payne, Librarian
Rachel Weinstein

Rachel Wilson, Author & Library Associate
Ray Anthony Shepard, Biographer
Rebecca Butt, MSW
Rebecca Slisher, Retired teacher

Rebecca Laincz, Bookseller
Rebecca Locken, Book seller
Rebecca Schmidt Castka, Writer
Rebecca Stead, Author
Regina Pollock, Bookseller
Rhea Brown Lawson, Librarian
Richard Overton
Richard W. Salzman
Rin Chupeco, Author

Rina Heisel, Author
Rita Auerbach, School Librarian (retired)
Roan Parrish, author and former teacher

Robert Curtis Brown, Thinker
Robert Liu-Trujillo, Author and Illustrator
Robie H. Harris, Children’s Book Author
Robbin Friedman, librarian
Robin Davidson, poet and professor
Robin Newman, Author
Robin Stevenson, Author
Robyn Ochs, Editor, Bi Women Quarterly
Rosemary Brosnan, children’s book editor
RSBass, Retired teacher

Ryan Sullivan, Reader
S E Anderson, educator-author
Sabrina Montenigro, Educational Marketing
Salima Alikhan, Teacher and Author
Sam Musher School, Librarian
Samantha M Clark, Author
Sandra Scott, Bookseller
Sarah Aronson, Author
Sarah Bagby, Bookstore Owner
Sarah Dangelantonio, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Franklin Pierce University
Sarah Goddin, Bookseller
Sarah Horowitz, Professor of History, W&L University
Sarah Kopplin, Social Studies Educator & Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies President-elect
Sarah Lynn Baker, Associate Executive Director
Sarah Prager, Author
Sarah Stone, English teacher
Scarlett St. Clair, Author

Scott Armstrong
Sean Petrie, Teacher and Author
Selina Alko, Author/Illustrator
Serena Sonoma, Regional Media Lead, GLAAD

Shadra Strickland, Author/Illustrator/Professor
Shannon Cuttle, Individual Member Board of Education
Shelby Biel, Bookseller
Sheila Hamanaka, Children’s Book Author/Illustrator

Sheila Rothgart Browning, Teacher
Shelly DeFeo
Shelly Fitzgerald, activist
Shing Yin Khor, Author and Cartoonist
Shirley T. Hailstock, Author
Sierra Godfrey, Author
Siri Hustvedt, PhD, Writer, lecturer in psychiatry Weill Cornell Medical College
Stacey Riegelhaupt
Stephanie Campisi, Author
Stephanie Earls
Stephanie Feldman, Author
Stephanie Heinz, Children’s Manager at Print: A Bookstore
Stephen Bramucci, Author
Stephen Mooser, Author
Stephany Choi
Steve Skrovan, Writer
Steve Stoliar, Author/Editor/Screenwriter
Steven Wendt, Actor, Performing Artist, Blue Man Group
Stewart Bloom
Sue Landers, Writer
Sue Macy, Author
Susan Higginbotham, Author
Susan F. Joseph, Teacher
Susan Kuklin, Author
Susan Patron, Writer
Susan Straub, Author
Susan Sugarman, Professor

Susanna Nawrocki, Buyer
Susanna Reich, Children’s Book Author
Suzanne Grossman, Librarian
Suzanne R. Boydstun, Retired Early Childhood Center Director
Sydra Mallery, author and teacher
Tanvi Berwah, Author
Tara Lehmann, Publicist
Tara Skurtu, poet and writing coach
Taryn Souders, Author
Taylor Maccoux, Editor

TeMika Grooms, Author and Illustrator
Teresa Bueti, Librarian
Teresa Robeson, Author
Terri Clark, Librarian
Theo Gray, Librarian
Thomas Wm. Hamilton, author of twelve books (six astronomy, six science fiction & fantasy)
Thomas Kies, Author
Thomas Lalicki, author
Thomas Skrovan, Teacher (retired)

Tiffany Colón
Tiffany Mautino, Librarian
Tim J. Myers, Writer and teacher

Tim Shiell, Professor
Todd Stocke, SVP, Editorial Director, Sourcebooks
Todd Sturgell, Author/Illustrator
Tom Sparrow, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Toni Knight, Retired educator
Tracee Laing, Founding Director: Healing Art Missions
Tracey Baptiste, Author
Tracey Duncan, Bookseller
Traci Sorell, Author
Tracy Dockray, Librarian and Author/Illustrator
Travis Manning, English Teacher
Tricia Lawrence, Senior Agent, Erin Murphy Literary
Tylaire Garey, Parent
Uju Asika, Author
V Zlowery, Concerned Citizen
Val Goems, Teacher
Vanessa Napolitano, International Students Adviser
Varian Johnson, Author
Veronica Wolff, Author
Vicki Cobb, author
Vicki Johnson, Author
Vicki Scaggs, Teacher
Violet Lumani, Author
Wendy Pologe, Reader and lover of books
William Alexander, Author
William Messer, Vice President, AICA (l’Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art)
Dr. Zetta Elliott, Author/EducatorCynthia Platt
Emil A. Sauer Sculptor
Casey Phillips, Master’s of Library and Information Science Student
N Pierce
Paul Morsey, Journalist
Karen Murdock, steward of the neighborhood Little Free Library
David M Schuster, Physician
Mark A. Newton, Past President, Journalism Education Association
Deb Mersereau, Cannon Beach Book Company Bookstore owner
Alvin M Schrader, Professor Emeritus, library and information studies
Tanya Fitcher, Alternative Education ELA teacher
Megan Howe, Bookstore Owner
Mary Landrum, librarian
Ben Hunt, Reader/Student/Writer
Rosanne Parry, author and bookseller
Emma DeVore
Jarrett Dapier, Librarian and author
K.W. Colyard, writer
David Anaxagoras, Writer
Victoria Lynne McCoy, Poet
Danielle N DuPuis, Library Media Specialist/Teacher/Author
Steve Tetreait, Teacher
Ginni Scott, Parent
Stephana Ferrell, Parent
Tizzy, Retired educator
Vera M Rosado-Odom, Physician
Kristen Azari, Writer, former editor and policy analyst and alum of a school district banning books I read 20 years ago
Jennifer Dotson, Mom to a transgender child
Sam Dotson, Retail worker
Brandon Nelson
Sara Miller, Parent
Kim Hays, marketing & communications manager
Kerry Kurtz, librarian
Erin Daley, School Librarian
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Writer/editor
Siobahn Brady, Teacher
Jen Cousins
Jenn Hilley, Educator and writer
Gregory Panos, Business owner
Milagros Green, Teacher
Kirsten Y. Hess, Bookseller
Renée Burke, Concerned citizen
Apryl Cooke, Educator
Christine Pinto, author, editor and educator
Raymond W. Barr, Attorney
Patricia McMillen, Writer
Carol Mirakove
Christina Mckeeby, Parent
Laurel Hotchkiss, School social worker