Video games cross hairs

Our theme in 2013 was “Video Games in the Crosshairs.” We invited teens 19 and younger to reflect on gaming and respond to those who trumpet a single narrative about video games and media violence. We asked them to show us why gaming matters, what attracts young people to it, what role it plays in our culture and to explore the boundary between this virtual pastime and people’s lives in the physical world.

2013 Winners and Semifinalists on "Video Games in the Crosshairs"


FIRST PLACE: "Future Warfare III" by Ani Akpan


SECOND PLACE: "A Virtual Reality" by Peter Ackerman


THIRD PLACE: "Initial Testing" by Austin Guerrero


PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD: "Perception of Gamers" by Daniella Sanchez

Daniella's video has the most "Likes" on YouTube out of the SemiFinalists, and so her film will be celebrated at the Youth Voices Uncensored Awards in March, and we'll be sending her a Certificate of Internet Awesomeness and a special gift from NCAC.



"Go With Them" by Matthew Billman


"Video Games in the Crosshairs" by Savannah Jossart


"Video Games in the Crosshairs: Rewind" by Logan Barrick


"Gaming: My Story" by Sylvan Gu


"Video Games: the New Art Form" by Nathaniel Bodnar


"Video Games in the Crosshairs: Speaking of Games…" by Calvin Tran

We give many thanks to all of this year's participants, judges and NCAC supporters who make programs like this possible.