Three weeks ago, the National Coalition Against Censorship heard that the bestselling erotic novel had been unceremoniously pulled from library shelves in Brevard County, FL, supposedly at the prerogative of one individual.

There had been no complaints by patrons–on the contrary, many were waiting to get their hands on a copy of the book that has been a crazy hit, largely with women.

We wrote three letters (see here, here and here), urging Brevard County representatives to right the situation and opening the conversation about the inclusion of erotica in libraries.

Friday, Brevard County announced that it would be returning the books to the libraries. The Chair of the County Commission, Chuck Nelson said they received a lot of feedback in support of the book:

“I never want to be in a position where we appear to be censoring or banning books.”

Right on, Mr. Nelson.
We and our partner organizations are thrilled with the outcome and proud of the many individuals around the country who voiced their belief that adults should be free to read what they want to read.