Visualization of NCAC Letter

Visualization of NCAC Letter: Thanks Digital U-B!

Maria Gonzalez covers the “I Fucked Your Boyfriend” bumper sticker story at the Walla Walla Union Bulletin in which a student was suspended for keeping a bumper sticker on her car after the school asked her to remove it. In a letter to the board, NCAC asks the district to “reconsider  and repeal the discipinary action, and to remove all references to it from her records.”

Deputy Superintendent Bill Jordan responded to the letter saying:

The decision to have the bumper stickers removed from campus was made to maintain a safe and civil school environment. Our legal counsel is preparing a letter in response to the National Coalition Against Censorship defending our decision.

The media coverage has  sparked a modest debate in the community about the decision to suspend the student.  In an online poll feelings are split, with 51% disagreeing with the school.  The article and responses can be read here.