From Good Magazine. A beautifully-made video on international internet censorship.

Two of the companies cited for supporting internet censorship systems – Microsoft and Google – have joined other companies and organizations to support the Global Network Initiative:

The Initiative is founded upon new Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy – supported by specific implementation commitments and a framework for accountability and learning – that provide a systematic approach for companies, NGOs, investors, academics and others to work together in resisting efforts by governments that seek to enlist companies in acts of censorship and surveillance that violate international standards.

However, Reporters Without Borders pulled out of the initiative, saying:

Reporters Without Borders welcomes the adoption of the Global Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy as a first step towards ICT companies’ recognition of the importance of free expression while operating in Internet-restricting countries. […] The organization believes these principles are one step in the right direction, but they do not go far enough to provide a sufficient protection to freedom of expression on the Internet. “Under these principles, another Shi Tao case is still possible” stated Reporters Without Borders referring to the jailed Chinese reporter whose verdict revealed that Yahoo ! gave some personal identifying information to the Chinese authorities.

We’ll be watching.