Today the NCAC provided a letter of concern to the Frisco Independent School District Board of Trustees regarding removing more than 100 titles deemed “patently offensive” from its libraries.

We are concerned because while the district policy only requires the removal of material that includes “patently offensive” illustrations of sexual acts, the guidelines used by the district’s review committee requires that all books with those images be removed, even if the review committee does not find that the images are “patently offensive.” Our concern is that the blanket ban on books that contain sexual images could prevent students from access to books that have substantial educational value. For example, this blanket approach to removals will allow banning art history books that contain works such as Michaelangelo’s Leda and the Swan or Bernini’s The Abduction of Proserpina. In addition to art history, such books may include science, history, and sex education materials.

For these reasons, NCAC has suggested that Frisco Independent School District follow its review policy and review books on a case-by-case basis instead of implementing blanket bans.

Please read our full letter to Frisco Independent School District below.

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