Video Games Panel In what ways are video games like comic books, or early cartoons? What educational purposes do they serve? What do they teach us about ourselves? Can designing and playing video games make us better people?

NCAC invited a panel of gaming designers and educators to open up these questions during our Video Games in the Crosshairs film screening this past Saturday. Joining us were multimedia educator Juan Rubio of Global Kids, game designer and CEO Shawn Allen of NuChallenger and NYU student, indie game designer and educator Reynaldo Vargas.

It was a stimulating conversation (video coming soon!), but it still only scratched the surface regarding the perception of gaming in our culture. So be sure to check back with us as we continue to explore it’s growing role as a creative medium and educational tool, and censorship of content in games moving forward.

At Saturday’s event we also announced the 2014 FILM CONTEST THEME. Learn more and enter for your chance to win!