A dispiriting story in the Roanoke Times on a student who’s opinion piece on evolution was pulled by the principle principal (amusing typo, Sarah). Brandon Creasy, who is a student at Leonard A. Gereau Center for Applied Technology and Career Exploration wrote the article for the school magazine. The crux of his piece (printed in the Roanoke Times) is that:

So far, the theory of evolution by means of natural selection (which was Charles Darwin’s theory) has been shown to be the best explanation for the path evolution has taken life. And much of what Darwin and Wallace wrote about in their early work has been found to be incorrect, but the basic premise that evolution occurs through natural selection has not been disproved.

Creasy thinks the principal pulled the piece because he doesn’t believe in evolution. In response, Principal Kevin Bezy said:

The law gives the principal the responsibility to edit publications of the school … It is an important responsibility because the principal has to look out for the rights and sensitivities of all students … It didn’t present the theory with a sensitivity for those who hold other theories.”

An editorial pulled for only supporting evolution? I guess we like to leave Friday on a downer.