You still have time to add your voice to the FCC’s general comment period on Net Neutrality! Hundreds of thousands of concerned netizens have submitted comments so far, but there’s still something missing: You!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided an easy, online form at to add your comment in favor of a neutral Internet. You can also comment directly at Be sure to mention:

  • Why you think it’s important that Internet Service Providers (ISPs–the people who provide your Internet connection) treat all Internet traffic equally.
  • How would the Internet be worse if ISPs could grant “preferred status” to some companies’ content, ensuring that it loads faster?
  • Why does the threat of losing Net Neutrality worry you?
  • Tell them why you care about the future of the Internet. Share your experience of using the Net to learn, work or be entertained. Explain how the fair treatment of content and data is critical to the Internet you want to use in the future.

You have until Friday to speak up for an open and equal Net!