The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) has joined the American Library Association (ALA) to Unite Against Book Bans, a national grassroots campaign to engage the public in the fight against censorship. This non-partisan campaign leverages the reach of national organizations representing librarians, educators, parents, authors, publishers, distributors, and champions for civil liberties, civil rights, equality, and more.

ALA’s recent polling shows a solid majority of Americans oppose book banning.  More than 71% oppose book bans in public libraries, and  67% oppose book banning in school libraries. Yet efforts to remove books continue at an unprecedented pace. Unite Against Book Bans will engage and empower individuals and organizations to combat those efforts.

NCAC invites you to raise your voice for the right to read:

  • Join thousands of others and sign up for Unite Against Book Bans.
  • Spread the word on social media: Our online toolkit has a variety of social media graphics and suggested posts that both individuals and organizations can use to raise awareness and encourage more supporters to join our campaign.
  • Use the toolkit to organize in your community, reach out to elected officials and local press, and find out where candidates stand on this critical issue.

Be sure to tag us #NCACensorship and use the hashtag #UniteAgainstBookBans to let us know when you’ve taken action.

Additional information regarding Unite Against Book Bans is available at

About National Coalition Against Censorship
Since its inception in 1974, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) has functioned as a first responder in protecting freedom of expression, a fundamental human right, and a keystone of democracy. Representing 59 trusted education, publishing, and arts organizations, NCAC encourages and facilitates dialogue between diverse voices and perspectives, including those that have historically been silenced.