Updated 10/25/2023 — The St. Tammany Parish Library Board of Control has voted unanimously to reverse their book review policy which had restricted access to over 150 books in line with NCAC’s recommendations.

9/21/2023 – The National Coalition Against Censorship has written to the St. Tammany Parish Library in Covington, Louisiana after the library limited access to over 150 challenged books during the adjudication process. Over the last year, the library has only reviewed a small fraction of the challenged books, almost all of which were returned to shelves. Reviewing the entire list may take years. Hence, under the current library policy, access to valuable books will be limited for the foreseeable future.

NCAC encouraged the library board to change their policy to require that access to books remain unrestricted during the reconsideration process.

Read NCAC’s full letter to St. Tammany Parish Library here:
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