UPDATED 11/16/2021: 

The Spotsylvania school board voted to rescind its order that “sexually explicit” books be removed from district libraries. The two board members who had previously called for such books to be burned voted against rescinding the order. The broad nature of the ban, as well as the recommendation from publicly-elected officials to burn books, had attracted national attention to Spotsylvania’s original decision.

Original post 11/15/2021:

Spotsylvania County Public Schools in Fredericksburg, Virginia, recently made news when its school board ordered that “sexually explicit” books be summarily removed from district libraries. NCAC has written to district leadership to encourage them to rescind the order.

News reports suggest that the district’s legal counsel has advised that the order is unconstitutional. NCAC is urging the Board to ensure that book challenges are adjudicated in a constitutional manner, that all interested parties’ views are heard and considered, and that decisions are made in an objective manner which ensures that the library’s holdings serve the needs of all students.

Read the full letter to the school district below. Click here for a full screen view: