The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) has written to Spotsylvania County Public Schools in Virginia, regarding the removal of district library books without following their established review policy.

As we understand the situation, in response to a local parent challenging 13 district library books, four were removed by district personnel without following Board Policy IIA*-R. This policy explicitly states that book challenges must be reviewed by an “ad-hoc school review committee” applying the designated criteria.

NCAC emphasizes the importance of following formal written policies, such as IIA*-R, in order to ensure that individuals are not imposing their personal views on the school community. Ignoring this policy sets a dangerous precedent by which complainants can bypass the formal process and have instructional material removed by going directly to staff members.

We encourage the district to consider amending their policies in line with our suggested guidelines. 

Please see our full letter to the board below.

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