Political Science: A Report on Science and Censorship

Update on "Political Science: A Report on Science and Censorship"

Censorsing Science: A Stem Cell Story
This report describes federal and state policies on human embryonic stem cell research to illustrate how the Constitution’s First Amendment protections of the free exchange of ideas, the right to petition the government and the expectation of government transparency are only as strong as our demand for their protection.

Science and the Policies of the Current Administration
President Obama’s inaugural address pledge to “restore science to its rightful place,” signaled in clear, unambiguous terms a shift in White House science policy. This article discusses two major steps President Obama has take since his inauguration towards fulfilling this pledge.

Redacting the Science of Climate Change
This report, which presents and synthesizes the findings of a year-long investigation to determine the extent of political interference at federal climate science agencies, demonstrates how policies and practices have increasingly restricted the flow of scientific information emerging from publicly-funded climate change research.

Abstinence-only Education
The vast majority of parents want their children to receive comprehensive sex education which includes, but is not limited to, information about abstinence. This includes parents who believe that sexual activity outside of marriage is wrong and harmful, and those who do not. Because religious teachings, cultural traditions, and attitudes about sexual morality vary widely, it is particularly important to protect discussion and debate. Government censorship of disfavored ideas is incompatible with this essential aspect of the democratic process. This page includes information on Abstinence-only education, including a historical timeline and policies under the current Obama administration.

"The Gag Rule"
This article includes a timeline and discussion of the global gag rule (also known as the “Mexico City” policy) which was originally announced by the Reagan administration at the 1984 United Nations International Conference on Population in Mexico City. It went further than the previous measures by restricting NGOs relying on funds from the U.S. Agency on International Development from using their own funds to provide abortions.  The organizations also were not eligible if they lobbied to make or keep abortion legal in their own  country or if they provided abortion referrals.

Access to Information and Funding and Obama's Global AIDS Policy
This resources outlines the “anti-prostitution pledge,” a federal requirement public health groups must meet in order to receive federal funds.

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