Dear [school principal, board member, or superintendent]:

I am writing to express concern about efforts to cancel the upcoming [date of production] production of [name of play] at [School Name].  I understand that the play has been challenged due to [state your knowledge of the complaints here].

I strongly urge you to reinstate this play at [School Name] and to uphold the freedom to perform and create for all students in our community. The views of those seeking the cancellation of the play are not shared by all.  The challengers have no right to impose their views on others or to demand that the educational and dramatic program reflect their personal preferences.

[Briefly address the challengers’ objections, and urge the consideration of the play as a whole rather than as a collection of “objectionable” scenes or lines.] If parents or community members do not want their children to perform in or see a play, then they are free not to attend the play.  But they may not infringe on the rights of others to perform, or to tell other parents what their children may perform in or see.

In addition, cancelling the play will only teach children to remain silent instead of asking questions for fear of addressing “inappropriate”, “offensive”, or “sensitive” topics.  They will learn that the way to deal with difficult speech is to avoid it, and that fear and ignorance supersede the quest for knowledge. Performing is one of the most direct, immersive ways for kids to learn about the world in which they are growing up and to help them anticipate real-life problems.

Your Name