There are many ways to help protect free expression. It can be as quick and easy as sharing the latest NCAC campaigns with your friends, or scheduling a monthly donation. Here are some ways to take action today.


The simplest way to take action is to donate to NCAC. Our tireless work in all corners of the country relies on individual contributions from from free speech defenders like you. Any amount you can give helps us fight censorship 24/7. Please support NCAC today.

NCAC relies on free-thinking citizens, teachers, artists, librarians and curators to report when censorship is breaking out in your community.

A victory is much more likely if we can lend assistance before a decision to censor has actually been finalized, so let us know if you even just suspect that something is up.

We can discreetly and privately give advice or take direct action. We respect the confidentiality of those opposing the political, social and professional pressures that come with censorship


Censorpedia is a searchable database of thousands of censorship incidents from around the world, across recorded history. We have built it using the same platform as Wikipedia, which means you can contribute to articles and help curate the most detailed catalog of free speech challenges and victories on the web.
Click here to sign up for a Censorpedia account.


NCAC staff have addressed diverse audiences, ranging from elementary schools to seminars on constitutional law, on a wide variety of free speech-related issues. If travel cannot be arranged for events outside of the NYC area, we can participate in discussions via Skype or Google Hangout. Email NCAC to find our more.