Want to contribute to the NCAC blog?

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Blogging Censorship is looking for bloggers. Requirements: understanding of First Amendment issues, passion for free expression, great reading and writing skills. Perks: join the national discussion of censorship issues, build your writing portfolio, get coffee (if you're in New York City). Options: submit pieces one at a time for review if you're already blogging about censorship issues, cross-post your pieces [...]

Seeing Stars: I **censored**ed your blog

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A friend of NCAC reading this blog at work saw the following: An 11th grade student was recently told to remove her bumper sticker from her car parked in the Wala Wala High School (WA) parking lot. The content of the sticker: "I **censored**ed Your Boyfriend." Content filtering at the office censored the anti-censorship blog. Brilliant.

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