BoE Island Trees Union Free School District v. Pico

NCAC Talks to the Man Behind Pico v. Board of Ed

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Steven Pico in 1981 Steven Pico may not be a household name. But for those who champion the freedom to read, he’s a big deal. Back in 1976, Pico and four other teens sued their school district in Long Island, NY, for banning 11 books from their classrooms and school libraries. The six-year battle to defend the constitutional rights [...]

Board of Ed v. Pico: 31 years of reading freely in school libraries

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If you love libraries, you might know that today marks the anniversary of an important decision upholding the First Amendment in schools. In Board of  Ed. v. Pico (1982), the plurality opinion stated that school libraries have “special characteristics” as providers of free access to information, and should be especially vigilant of upholding students’ First Amendment rights.  Pico began when [...]

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