Overbroad Internet Obscenity Law Comes Into Effect in Massachusetts

By |2020-01-03T13:38:19-05:00July 16th, 2010|Blog|

Massachusetts has become the latest state to try to try to protect minors from sexual content online at the expense of First Amendment rights. Like many states, Massachusetts has long had laws on the books making it a crime to provide minors with material deemed “harmful to minors.” But the law did not extend to electronic communications. Concerns about minors [...]

After COPA: Does Congress want to protect First Amendment freedom online?

By |2020-01-03T13:19:34-05:00February 2nd, 2009|Blog|

It’s censorship projection day today. Leslie Harris, President and CEO of the Center for Democracy & Technology weighs in on the political landscape for internet censorship post-COPA at the Huffington Post: So what happens next? Will Congress once again beat against the tide and enact yet another Internet censorship law? … Will the Obama administration slam the coffin on Internet [...]

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