Woman sues Facebook over user generated content

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Again? Another plaintiff ignores Section 230 of the CDA and sues a website over user generated content SUNY Albany freshman Denise Finkel is suing four former high school classmates, their parents, and Facebook, Inc. over the allegedly defamatory content contained in a private Facebook group the classmates had set up. (Finkel v. Facebook, Inc., 102578-09 (N.Y. Supreme Ct. complaint filed [...]

MD Appeals Court upholds protections for anonymous posting under First Amendment

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The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that Independent Newspapers, which runs the forum, could not be forced to reveal the identities of online posters who had written critical comments about a Dunkin’ Donuts. The owner of the restaurant, Zebulon J. Brodie,  claimed that the commenters had defamed him and called on Independent Newspapers to reveal their identities. [...]

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