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Utah Governor vetos age-restriction bill

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We are very happy to report that Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has vetoed bill HB 353. That bill would have punished sellers for "violating" what were previously voluntary age restrictions. In his letter to the Utah Speaker of the House David Clark and Speaker of the Senate, Huntsman writes: While protecting children from inappropriate materials is a laudable goal, the [...]

Jack Thompson calls on national policy to limit video game sales

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Jack Thompson, who penned HB 353 (the bill pending in Utah that we asked you to help stop) has written a letter to President Obama calling for a national plan similar to the one proposed in Utah. In response to a recent tragedy in Germany where a young man shot 15 people at his former school, German and American media [...]

HB 353: Imposing ratings systems and the First Amendment

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HB 353 has been passed in the Utah state senate, and now sits on Governor Jon Huntsman’s desk.  This bill would hold retailers responsible for selling minors material labeled for mature audiences.  Sellers of books, movies, video games, and music could be penalized up to $2000 for “violating” age guidelines created voluntarily for informational purposes only. This bill takes a [...]

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