The Miami-Dade School Board voted in June 2006 to remove the book Vamos A Cuba and A Visit to Cuba (the English translation) from school libraries.  The ACLU challenged the decision in court.  NCAC joined five other groups in filing an amicus brief in support of the ACLU’s position.  The brief urged a federal appeals court to affirm the decision of a U.S. district court to return the book to the library.

In February 2009, the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit overturned the district court’s decision and upheld the school board’s ban.


» August 23, 2006- Miami school board wants to remove books on Cuba (New York Times) The Miami-Dade County School District voted Tuesday to press ahead with its effort to remove a children’s book on life in Cuba from its school libraries.

» July 21, 2006 Court Hearing on ‘Vamos a Cuba’ Children’s Book An effort by the Miami-Dade County school board, to ban a controversial book on Cuba from school libraries, reaches a critical point Friday.