The National Coalition Against Censorship, the nation’s leading anti-censorship organization, today applauded the just-released government report "The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Behavior." The Report concludes that comprehensive sexuality education should begin early in life, should include information on contraception and safer-sex techniques, and should convey tolerance toward gay and lesbian people.

Two weeks ago, NCAC, joined by 37 free speech, religious, reproductive rights, gay and lesbian, sexual health and education, and HIV/AIDS organizations, released its own "Abstinence-Only Education: A Joint Statement." The statement maintains that abstinence-only sexuality education equals government-funded censorship, as well as government support for a particular religious ideology—both violations of the First Amendment. The signers call on Congress to discontinue funding for abstinence-only education when funding is up for reauthorization later this year.

Speaking about the Surgeon General’s report, National Coalition Against Censorship spokesperson Gary Daniels said: "We are very pleased that the highest health officer in the nation has joined us in calling for comprehensive sex education in our nation’s schools. Our schools should welcome free inquiry and thoughtful discussion, not prevent children from asking questions and forbid teachers from fully informing young people on the crucial issues of sexuality."