In communities all around the country, radical rightists are working to cleanse our institutions of ideas and discussion that do not conform to their own religious, social and political views. Attacking ideas and people for "promoting" homosexuality is a destructive but powerful strategy. It creates a climate of fear and intimidation, it taps into deeply-held prejudices, and almost inevitably precludes reasoned discussion and compromise.

The National Coalition Against Censorship is deeply involved in outrageous and heartbreaking censorship incidents that illustrate why the strongest possible system of free expression is a bulwark against discrimination—for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, every political or social dissident, and everyone else. And certainly everyone with an interest in literature or in sexuality education knows there seems no end to demands for censorship based on accusations that books cause homosexuality, or promote disapproved sexual activity. The number of attempts to censor and repress educational programs, art, and works of literature for "promoting the homosexual agenda" has increased enormously in every section of the country.