The tittle of my film is black and white, I chose this name because freedom of speech is not as simple as some may think,there many diffrent aspects that apply when you think of freedom of speech which of some are listed in the film. To get an idea of freedom of speech in schools it\’s only makes sense to interview the people that are there most of the day and who it mainly involves,students. Keeping with my black and white trend I featured black and white students and their opinion on freedom of speech in school wether it be you think it\’s to limited, we don\’t have enough, or the need to voice yourself. I thought the setting of a school made my film in some way ironic in the sense that the topic is freedom in schools,some students thought we haven\’t enough and yet the students are voicing or using that right of speech in the school it\’s self. I hope enjoy my film and take from it what you will but always have the sense to remember that \”Freedom of speech is not always black and white.\”