The short film “Censorship” symbolizes censorship today.

There are two “artists” symbolizing the various artists in our society, including: Filmmakers, Authors, Musicians, etc.

“Artist One” is creating a controversial piece, while “Artist Two” is creating a vulgar piece.

The two “Men in Black” symbolize the government, book banning communities, and other censorship groups.

In the video they walk past “Artist Two” ignoring his vulgar piece, silence “Artist One” and censor his controversial piece. This symbolizes the lack of censorship against profane and inappropriate matters in the media, and the concentration of censorship against books and movies that have controversial subjects.

At the beginning of the video there is a short monologue to help the viewer understand the symbolism. The monologue accurately summarizes the video’s message. The monologue is spoken as follows:

“I’m all for free speech, but some of the things out there shouldn’t be seen by everyone. Censorship isn’t bad, but all the wrong things are getting censored. Some of the things on TV are nauseating, but only the time I hear about books or movies being banned is for something that makes us question our norms, our beliefs, or even our own government.

“We walk pat the crude, shallow vulgarities and take out something much scarier: innovative, thought-provoking ideas.”