In this digital age, teenagers forget the importance of consideration for others around them. Online, people cannot directly see who they talk to, so people swear without thinking of consequences. This transfers into their daily lives. From just walking home after school to going out to the mall, everywhere teens disregard who is in their company. When someone is in a private setting, it is fine to speak up however one likes. We do not want to inhibit free speech. But when someone walks past an elementary school swearing rudely and loudly with friends, their behavior needs to be stopped. Young kids should be safe from adult language because teens should know better than to cuss in front of them. Yet, we see it every day. Children do not get the time to grow up at their own pace because people are not thinking before they speak.

We thought that the best way to portray this was to ironically create a rap music video. While rap today is known for its profanity, our rap hero fights against profanity and for the young kids frightened about the language they hear. We did not want to stop there; the best music videos involve dancing, and a break in the rap for a break-dance routine made the whole endeavor of creating this music video that much more fun. Plus, our rap hero needed dancers to back her up in her message.