It is debatable whether free speech exists in schools, so I decided to portray this topic through a talk show. In my film Free Speech Talk Show, Elena Diego is the host and she interviews three people that have different backgrounds and opinions on free speech. My goal was to present these different but genuine opinions, so they could be presented and evaluated. Each interview and character builds on one another to create a conclusion. My eventual massage concluded that free speech does exist in schools. This film brings up valid points about the existence of free speech, as well as my college.

It is my second year at Wright College, in hopes to transfer to a film school next year for directing. Because of my pervious classes and experiences in filmmaking, I wrote the script and casted my actors for my film, but I still needed help from my school. First, my teachers edited and criticized my script. Next, I had to contact and work with the Head of Media to use the soundproof broadcasting room. Then, the theatre stagecraft teacher and the librarian supplied the props. Finally, my teachers also allowed me to film their lectures so I could get footage of an audience. The teachers and faculty did not only support my free speech by helping me create this film, but also showed that they believe in me. I aspire to win this scholarship so that I may reach my ultimate goal of becoming a film director.