The video entitled “Freedom of Tape” is about the struggles students have to go through in order to have their opinions be taken seriously in school. The video features a teacher who strongly believes that students should be seen, not heard. When each student walks in tape is placed over their mouths to enable them from talking. The tape is a metaphor for how teachers tend to stifle our voices and ideas. As soon as students walk into a classroom it’s as if they loose their ability and right to talk freely.
Then when all the students are in and class begins the teacher starts his lecture about the first amendment. He lets the students know that the first amendment doesn’t pertain to students because they are too immature to know how to use it. When the teacher asks if anyone has any opinions or questions that they would like to express to the class about this topic every student raises their hand, but the teacher completely ignores them. Then a girl attempts to talk through her tape, hoping that she can get through to the teacher and talk. The teacher gets angry with her attempt and puts tape all over her mouth to stop her from talking.
After the teacher has finished his lecture the students all try to talk through their tape. Fed up with their attempts to talk the teacher begins to place more tape on all of their mouths. One boy decides to protest this action. He rips off his tape, and tells the teacher what he things is wrong with the class.