This film is basically about a group of children gossiping about Johnny, a boy who has allegedly said something horrific, but has actually just been “caught” praying. The idea for this came about when I thought about how in schools today, on behalf of both the students and the teachers, you can get away with saying the most profane and obscene things, and yet in many cases cannot even whisper a word about religion. I originally was going to have the children cursing while spreading the rumor to prove said point, but I strayed away from this for multiple reasons. For one, I do not curse, nor do I approve of it due to religious reasons, and I thought that a video against censorship featuring a string of bleeps to avoid swearing might seem somewhat redundant. Plus I decided that this was trying to make too many points at once and felt bulky, so I decided that treating prayer as an obscenity might bring about the same point, if not a better one. In case this needs noted, both the music in the video as well as the font in the credits were used by permission.