My music video depicts a student walking through campus in a backwards moving environment. He is the only one moving forward and sticks out from everyone else in his world. When this visual is combined with the lyrics from the song, we begin to hear the free speech subtext of the film. The chorus of the song plays, “Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell.” In my opinion this is a satire on free speech in that all the followers (Sheep) will sarcastically go to heaven while those “no good trouble making goats” go to hell. I believe that free speech exists but we have to be brave enough to take advantage of it, and not just fall in line. As far as the creative process goes, in order to achieve the effect of one person walking forward in a backwards moving world, the raw footage was captured with the main character walking backwards around a forward moving world. Then in editing, i reversed the footage so that he would be walking forward and everything would be backwards.