The title of the film comes from the fact that when most people are asked if there is freedom of speech in school, they will answer “to an extent.” The premise that our freedoms are limited to a degree is bothersome and frustrating and proved to be a compelling topic for this short film.

This video is in documentary style with a flair for the interview process. Both students and teachers were asked an array of questions regarding freedom of speech and their right to use this privilege in a public school atmosphere. The answers were varied and surprising in many ways.

Each person who was interviewed was filmed at a different location. The altering backgrounds provided for rich visual interest that fit the subjects personality. Each scene was edited to fit the allotted time of four minutes. Emphasis was placed on key points of the interviews and accentuation of the responses.

The end of the film concludes with a modest amount of stop animation. Audio and music were added to each clip to jazz up the final feature. The final result was a short film that came straight to the point that everyone has freedom of speech, but it can only be used “to an extent.”