I am making this film for two reasons one is because I want to get the scholarship for the community college I will be attending. The second reason is that I want to express why some parts of religion should be censored. It is also a way in which I can learn how to improve in using the computer because I will need these skills in my future career. At first my mentor and I started by talking about what we will be doing on the video and decided to do a half picture and half film but had some difficulties. When we reread the instructions, we found out if we used our own pictures, we might get more chances on winning. Since we were running out of time, we finally decided to make a video on animation film instead. We started by getting our ideas down on what issues about religion should be censored which took quite a while. Then we named our characters and wrote our script on what they would say, and do. Then we drew all the pictures on the computer using paint and edited the video using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. We did the voiceovers and edited the audio to make them sound like different characters. The film is a comical animated short story about a boy named Matt and his quest to discover different types of free religious speech and see for himself how far is too far.