Our music video expresses this idea, “You can’t stop me.” It wants to tell others that as United States’ citizen, we are like an uncensored nation entitled to free speech. In the Constitution, the First Amendment states that the congress shall state no law abridging the freedom of speech. We intended on expressing our ideas freely, without censorship. We believe in free speech because free speech enhances open-mindedness for others to learn of different cultures and beliefs. Moreover, when people express their ideas, more than one opinion is taken into consideration. Opinions work in the same way as feedback does. Sharing feedback tells others about the errors and improvements. In the same way, the country improves and moves forward. Lastly, free speech allows people to express their ideas whether if it is in their support or in politics. We want the future generations to be able to speak freely, to be able to express and learn from others. As citizens of the United States, we are guaranteed to have the right of free speech. This idea led our group to decide on a music video. Music, for many generations, has been the source of expression. We want to use music to bring out our many ideas. Finally, our self made lyrics emphasizes on the point, “You can’t censor me, so back off!”