"My life has been changed by the National Coalition Against Censorship, an enormously effective organization that responds immediately to writers, teachers, and librarians under fire by organizing support within the community at risk."
Judy Blume, author

"I just read the NCAC’s excellent, helpful, important Cyber-Library policy paper at your website (which gets better and better), and I thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for that and for everything else the NCAC has been doing recently."
Jim D’Entremont, Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression

"I am proud of you, grateful to you and honored to be associated with you!"
Rev. W.W. Finlator, retired minister, Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

"When you go to sleep tonight, take comfort in knowing that 3,000 miles away, there is a drama teacher, a class of students and a tired old arbitration advocate most grateful and appreciative of the efforts made by you, Max and your organization toward shining some light in the faces of those protectors of darkness…. Your efforts and those of your organization are much appreciated and are reflective of the tremendous contributions you are making toward the establishment and maintenance of a free society."
Bill Gordon, teachers’ representative

"Right you are. People who embrace the new have the most to lose by censorship."
Erica Jong, author

"Thank you for your efforts to fight similar censorship attempts in other areas of the country. We don’t feel so alone in this fight."
Charles Brittain, secretary, Citizens Supporting Open Libraries (CSOL)

"The work that you and the NCAC is doing is much appreciated."
Bette Greene, author

"NCAC’s latest newsletter is an emphatic reminder of all your awesome efforts on behalf of free expression."
S Jay Levy, partner, Levy Economic Forecasts

"When we gave our 1994 institutional Lifetime Achievement Award for Heroism to the National Coalition Against Censorship, we said that Leanne Katz’s drive, determination, integrity of purpose and clarity of vision make her one of the finest role models free expression activists could hope for. In the past year, she has more than justified that description. Her courageous leadership on a succession of difficult issues has been indispensable at a time of burnout and demoralization."
1995 Individual Lifetime Achievement Award from The Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression to Leanne Katz, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship

"Please know how grateful I am for the concern you expressed in such a timely fashion. Your counsel was valuable and needed."
Kenneth Duchac, Director of the Brooklyn Public Library

"Some nice people in New York gave me an award that included a grant to a not-for-profit organization, and I decided to give some of it to NCAC. Your unwavering support over the last three years has meant more than you can imagine. I’ll always be grateful to you, and I hope you’ll accept the enclosed check as a token of my gratitude."
Gloria Pipkin, activist and former Florida teacher

"I write to thank you for all your help in my debate against the local Director of the Campaign against Pornography. The debate went so well that I believe the entire audience, except for his family, ended up agreeing with me.
"I was impressed with the facility of your help and the apparent vast scope of your information."
Rev. John Swomley, Kansas City MO

"You made so many good suggestions about people to contact, points to emphasize in supporting the book, and suggestions for dealing with the media. I appreciate the people and organizations you contacted in my behalf. Above all, your personal support made me feel you were right here with me when I was feeling very alone."
Hila Garms, Iowa librarian

"Information about censorship activities is essential to intelligent professional action. NCAC plays a crucial role in both informing and linking professional organizations who seek protection for the freedom to teach and the freedom to learn."
Carole Hahn, past president, National Council of the Social Studies

"NCAC provided background and further sources for this [Reader’s Digest] article, after first interesting me in its preparation. All of us who care about freedom of expression are indebted to the Coalition’s work."
Morton Hunt, journalist

"I am honored by your invitation to become a member of the Council of Advisors. I have long followed with considerable admiration the vigilant efforts of NCAC in pursuit of intellectual freedom and freedom of expression and inquiry."
Robert O’Neil, director, Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression

"I have reported on support for the left-wing National Coalition Against Censorship and their support for pornography. I plan to continue to do so."
Donald Wildmon, president, American Family Association

"I have used this website for most of my researching and it has been a great help. I have enjoyed learning about all the different things that are censored and believe me, I have been outraged by a few."
Sydney Ponteri, student

"I am a big supporter of your cause and believe that censorship is against the American way. I believe that people should be able to read whatever they want and say whatever they want. I am really happy with what you are fighting for. You guys and girls truly are freedom fighters. Please keep up the fight and good work."
Patrick Fuller, student

"I appreciate all your work so far, and please know that the NCAC website was a tremendous support in making my case to state administration."
Jared Wells, student

"You make me realize how important it is for library media specialists to step up and protect the student’s freedoms, even though it is not always easy!"
Sue Reichert, librarian