2010 YFEP Film Contest

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We all believe in free speech, but does that mean anything goes? What about the speech that offends us, makes us cringe, and provokes our anger (and desire to censor)? Is there anything that should be outlawed in art, films, books, music, video games, TV, or online? Is free speech an all or nothing proposition or something in between? These films explore what kind of speech, if any, should be censored, and why. Our participants this year were compelling, provocative and we're honored to have them.

NCAC Joins Letter Warning Rep. King of Concerns About Muslim “Radicalization” Hearing

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The American Civil Liberties Union, along with several other human rights and civil liberties organizations, sent a letter today to House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Peter King (R-NY) expressing deep concern about his committee’s upcoming hearing on the so-called “radicalization of the American Muslim community.” The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 10.

Book Banners Finding Power in Numbers

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“Groups of parents are getting together and organizing in their communities to ban books,” adds Joan Bertin of the National Coalition Against Censorship. “I think what’s happening is once a book is challenged in one town, people on the same wavelength, it will flag that book for them. For example, we’ve seen three challenges to Sherman Alexie’s teen novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, all within the past three months, two in Missouri, one in Montana.”

Letter Calling For CIA Accountability

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NCAC joined more than 30 other free speech and open government groups in applauding the decision by the National Archives and Records Administration to re-open an investigation into the CIA’s destruction of videotapes recording torture session at “black sites” around the world. 

Minors and the First Amendment

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The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom of speech.” It doesn’t have an age restriction. Yet for the last 50 years, the Supreme Court has essentially written young people out of the First Amendment, holding that their rights to speech and access to information are limited and conditional. As a result, young people experience infringements on their rights in countless situations. Moreover, the exceptions that have been carved out for youth often affect the speech rights of adults as well.

NCAC Files Brief in Supreme Court Video Game Case

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NCAC Files Brief in Supreme Court Video Game Case; "Violent Video Games Are Protected Speech" Says National Free Speech Organization FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 1, 2010   MEDIA CONTACTS Teresa Koberstein, National Coalition Against Censorship, (212) 807-6222 ext. 19 or [email protected] NEW YORK -Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will decide whether the state of California can impose criminal penalties for selling [...]

Playwrights On Censorship

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On Wednesday, June 23 the National Coalition Against Censorship is hosting an unprecedented conversation between four of America's leading playwrights -- Edward Albee, David Henry Hwang, Terrence McNally and Adam Rapp -- all of whom have experienced censorship of their work. Time Out New York's Theater Editor David Cote will moderate.

NCAC defends challenged GLBTQ books in NJ school library

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NCAC, along with members of the Coalition, sent a letter to the Rancocas Valley School Board in Mt. Holly, NJ, regarding the recent challenge to books in its library. A small group of residents oppose the books because they appear on a list of gay and lesbian-themed books created by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Youth Voices Uncensored 2010

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On Saturday, March 27, 1:00 PM, NCAC screens the winners of the 2009 Youth Free Expression Network (YFEN) film contest at its annual Youth Voices Uncensored event at the New York Film Academy at 100 East 17th Street in Manhattan.

NCAC Joins Coalition of 43 Organizations to Call on Congress to Reform Patriot Act

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With Congress poised to vote on reauthorizing the USA PATRIOT Act later this week, the New York Civil Liberties Union today joined a coalition of 43 organizations from across New York State in urging the state’s federal lawmakers to support critical reforms to the controversial law that would restore Americans’ privacy and constitutional rights.

NCAC Urges Florida School to Keep Judy Blume’s Forever in its Library

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NCAC, along with members of the Coalition, sent a letter to the Sugarloaf School in Summerland Key, FL, regarding the recent request to remove Judy Blume’s book, Forever, from its library. The parents of one student apparently object to the sexual content in the book.

2009 YFEN Film Contest

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The 2009 YFEN Film Contest "Free Speech in Schools (Does it Exist?)" This year marks the 40th anniversary of the famous Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines when the court ruled in favor of students who had been suspended for protesting the Vietnam War. The Tinker case stated that students "do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of [...]

Smoking Ban Upheld in Colorado Affects Theatrical Performance

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This week, in a decision that is likely to limit what theatres decide to produce, Colorado’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s ban on theatrical smoking.  Three not-for-profit theaters in Colorado sued the state’s department of Public Health and Environment on the grounds that the ban on theatrical smoking was an unconstitutional infringement on freedom of speech.

NCAC, AAUP and Others Issue Call to Action Over Censorship in Response to Threats of Violence, Real and Imagined

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The NCAC and AAUP issued a Statement of Principle and Call to Action urging governments, institutions and private individuals to support freedom of expression and academic freedom, and to resist caving in to threats of violence, real and imagined.


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Jordan Allen "Freedom Thieves" Nathaniel Dueber "Expelled" Aaron Dunbar "Rumors" Taylor Dunlap and Caroline Dunaway "REVOLUTION: a mockumentary" Jovan Landry "J.o.V.™ - Student Perception" Lauren Leak "Common [Censored]" Noemie Long "Is There Really Free Speech in School" Jack McClintock "A Promised Freedom-Within Reach" Ashley Mills "Freedom" Amy Obarski "Petty Inquiries" Stephen Small and Tom Piasny "Silenced" Katelyn Whitehead "Have We [...]


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Biographies of "Friends" participating in NCAC's 35th Anniversary - A Night of Comedy with Judy Blume & Friends.

NCAC Files Amicus Brief Opposing Law Banning Images of “Animal Cruelty”

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NCAC and the College Art Association recently filed an amici curiae brief in United States .v Stevens in the Supreme Court, heard October 6. Although the subject matter - images of animal cruelty - is extremely distasteful - the case raises critical First Amendment questions that would affect a wide variety of valuable expression and undermine fundamental constitutional principles.

NCAC Joins Groups to Support the JUSTICE Act

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The following is the Judiciously Using Surveillance Tools In Counterterrorism Efforts (JUSTICE) Act support letter, commending the senators for introducing legislation that will amend many provisions of law that have diminished Americans’ privacy over the last eight years. The letter also urges Congress to pass the bill as soon as possible.

Purchase Journal Ads

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Celebrate NCAC's 35th Aniversary - A Night of Comedy with Judy Blume & Friends by placing a tribute ad in the special anniversary journal.

Free Speech and Academic Groups Blast Yale Officials Over Censorship of Mohammed Images

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The National Coalition Against Censorship, joined by 11 leading academic, civil liberties, journalism and free speech organizations, today sent a letter to Yale University officials protesting the school’s decision to remove all images of the prophet Mohammed from a scholarly treatise, The Cartoons That Shook the World, by Professor Jytte Klausen.

Right to Read:Take Action!

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There are many effective ways to respond to censorship challenges. In the past individuals and groups who support free speech have raised awareness about specific incidents and overarching trends through social network groups and causes, including Facebook and Twitter. Individuals have created petitions, organized marches and held 'read-ins' of banned materials at local public libraries. Get Informed: Check out the Kids Right [...]

NCAC Files Supreme Court Brief in U.S. v. Stevens

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NCAC filed an amicus brief last week in U.S. v. Stevens, warning that a law banning depictions of animal cruelty violates the First Amendment right to free speech and that the exemption it provides for work with “serious value” rings hollow, given the long history of censorship of disturbing or unpopular images.


A Response to Vineland School District on Torn Page Censorship

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The Kids' Right to Read Project opposed the censorship of teen poetry anthology, Paint Me Like I Am in Landis Intermediate School’s library in a letter dated May 27, 2009 after the principal literally ripped pages he found “objectionable” from the book. KRRP received a letter from Superintendent Charles Ottinger in response to our expressed objections.

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